Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Father

December in the dust.
Hammanskraal heat
And one grubby Christmas decoration
Long way away from Sandtons sparkle.

Do reindeer even know Hammanskraal?
Christmas Father can use donkeys here, if he comes.
We'll hear their clatter on the corrugated iron!
But we'll stay in bed tjoeps quiet
Pretending to be asleep, to not scare them.

We don't have a Christmas tree for presents.
But we have a tree outside in the yard.
 That's better, it's a shade tree

It has 84 different names from
The 84 children here.
We wrote in them, the names, in the dust with our feet.
 so you know who we are.

Use that tree, donkeys, Christmas Father. Its big you can
See it from faaar. And
We won't clutter it with presents before you
are here. We'll leave space.

We don't have mince pies but we've got Bakers Choice, you can have...
... The best ones, the strawberry wafers, we'll
Leave you one! Two! Ok, one and a half. We are many here, everyone wants.

And for the donkeys we don't have carrots.
We have cabbage
They look rotten but
just peel
The outer leaves away. Anyway
Donkeys aren't fussy, sies, they
Must be happy you need to use them here!

So, Christmas Father, for Christmas can I
Have a swimming pool?
We have such a big yard here
And its nothing just dust!
Imagine 84 of us splash splash splash!
No, maybe it would get dirty and we'll have to clean. And the water would get finished. And plus what if the small small ones fell in?

Can I have a bed of my own?
We are 16 in this room you
No, maybe... Nights
Are scary sometimes and then being together tighttight is nice like, even
The snoring...

And I couldn't be the only one with my own bed.
We would need 84 beds and then
We would be sleeping in the yard!

So maybe, Christmas Father, I'll just ask
You something easy?
Can you light our Tree?
Maybe do it secretly, so I can
Just see it if I close my eyes
Like that!

It's lighting up our names,
What we wrote in the dust.

December in the dust.
Hammanskraal heat
And one shining Christmas tree
Brighter than all Sandtons sparkle

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  1. Your writing is incredible - you dance with words. That one made me cry.