Friday, 11 May 2012

Karoo stone

If I could remake myself
I would build myself
karoo stone

Like the hills through

Striped sandstone balanced
On each other
Left over from millionsyearsold silt

Everything that died and was reborn
In silt
In dirt
Has settled in that rock

I would choose pebbles for my toes and
Work up
Make sure there is greengrowth
Between them
And balance 
stone on stone

For legs I will choose ones with
Stripes like muscles
Slicked with rain
And stronger than I could be but with
Enough bend in them to smile
At my knockneed truths

I will work a round 
stone loose from
A round mountain head for
My belly
Where I will feel fishspirits and rain
Spirits mixing in the 

I won't build arms.
I won't need them. The land
Will hold me and my holding will
Be felt through my stillness

My head will look precarious
Like one adventurous mountaingoat
One good storm
Could dislodge it
That precariousness will make people
Recognise me.
Will be a sign of unexpected strength
Of blessing
Of hope

And like this
stone between
Crust and sky
I will sink into the land
Rewrite my rhythms into
Each heartbeat governed by
Daynight swing

And I will spell my poems
Out through stars

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