Thursday, 1 November 2012

Up to the seaweed sky

Up to the seaweed sky
(Thank you to Ruthieheart
And the Heyns family for seaweed in the sky)

"Choose," he said, "Magic or safety?"
she smiled.
"I choose Sky" she said,
"and Strelitzias"

Sky fish (plum-coloured triggers, crimson-breasted clowns) and
sea birds (Picasso waxbills, teardrop-butterfly kites) in the starcloud

 "Choose," he said, "Tomorrows or yesterdays?"
she twirled.
 "I choose Pink" she said,
"and circles"

Water trees (jacaranda necklace and fever kelp) and
 Cloud corals  (stag-horn cumulus and great-star cirrus) in the tidepulled

"Choose," he said, "Hope or truth?"
She glowed.
"I choose Silence" she said,
"and openings"

Seabed flowers (pebble snowdrops and volcanic chrysanthemums) and
Precipitation molluscs (hail oysters and mist ammonites) in the moon-wrapped

"Choose," he said "Forward or roots?"
She floated.
"I choose Up" She said
"And angels"

She floated Up


Through the seaweed sky.

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