Tuesday, 13 May 2014

In Her Flight

An owl visited me last night
A spotted eagle owl Sat on my balcony
While I was gathering scraps of my heart
In my bed

It hooted at me
Looking lost, out of place

I opened the door to let it in
But it stayed outside
Where it was safe
Watching me

I collected my fingers:
I had sent them wandering
Looking for my heart.

I phoned you,
Told you about the owl

“what does it want?” you said
I had no words to answer

You felt her in the owl.

In its wings, found her flight
Where she had taken the first jump off the chair

In the possibility of flight, movement
Where her feet had just been left treading air

In it’s hoot, you heard her voice
Where her broken neck had swallowed her goodbyes

“Hello” you said to the owl
237 kilometres away

“I love you”
you said to the owl, to her

Me, a conduit for your love for her.

A dam, a holding cell, anything contained
I wanted the dam to burst to unleash my
Heart pieces
In their grief
In their rage

“I love you.” I said

The owl flew,
Taking, in her flight, some of my grief
Some of my heart

my heart pieces clucked,
to themselves
staying outside of me
outside of you
where it is safe

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