Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Made of Volcanoes

It appears you have forgotten
What you are made of
As you creep into a room
Head down

Shrinking into yourself

Trying to make yourself
As close to
Disappearing as you can

Raise your head
Open your mouth and
You are the World

You are made of Volcanoes
Magma flowering in your hair

You are made of Opera songs
Vibrations of impossible notes
Humming in your teeth

You are made of Tides
Extra terrestrial forces
Licking your soles

You are made of Winter
Crackling things dry
Storing life and death in your joints
Showing yourself brilliant in
Stark Sun

Unshrink yourself darling
Come into yourself

The years will unfold around you
Summon them with your Roar that
Sounds like

Opera songs exploding in Winter Waves
Wrap yourself in your own delight
You are the World
Too full of wonder to make yourself Small

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