Monday, 26 September 2011


Life is easier
Where it is not real

Where the divide between the
Rich and the poor
Is continents

(No matter how
Much of the foundation
of Each the Other
Has provided)

Where the divide
Is seas and
you are not

Faced with stories of
Hell and Hope and Home

And face and face and faces
And each Some one, Some one's
father, daughter, some one's Hope,

Life is easier, when you
Can reach over the seas with
Your sterilized gloves and study

Sprinkling food parcels where you deem necessary
To perpertuate
The situation.

But you cannot hide forever.
Not all your seas,
Your visas
Your borders
Your 'non EU' arrivals halls
Will keep us out
We are coming in our

(More than in your nightmares)

We are coming
We are coming

(more than in your dreams)

We are coming to save you.

we cannot just let you
Suffer, suffocate,
That's not our way.

You are our children,

No matter how hard you tried
To forget that in your Fancy New House

We are coming in our millions
To spoonfeed you
Our Hell

Until your ancestors wake in
Your feet and you
Can taste again and
Dance and Dance
And Dance

We are coming
In our millions
To Dance you into freedom
To Dance
Into Freedom

And dance
And dance
And dance

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