Wednesday, 25 February 2015

To lovers, to the moon, on endings of things

I tend to tie myself in knots you see,
Thinking you don’t get my intricacies and then I am left – when you walk away-
With a ball of string that wont reply to my questionings so lets

Stop and let me try this another way

When you kiss my hair and I feel to pull away
I’ll stop
And feel the shudder anyway
that shudder that you,
If you are perceptive,
Will feel and eventually you will leave

No. Not like that.
So lets stop.

Stop, wait,
Let me try this another way
When I am talking your and your eyes glaze
And my dreams and my monsters are lost in the haze
Instead of swearing at you, screaming, I will go quietly and
Put my dreams one night into the salty sweat of another man
And then come home to you

But wait! Wait, stop
That wont work you will feel betrayed, slighted
And my dreams will still be lost, dried and rewashed in some one elses bed

So lets stop,
We can try this another way, when your breathe is too
On top of me and your hands too deep into me
When it hurts and I want to say stop I’ll just breathe til
You come and then we can sleep sweet and close
And our dreams can make up for what we lost

But wait, I know myself that will never work
I will resent you sickly sweet and I’ll spit at you,
And slime away and sleep shivering in the area designated
My side of the bed

So lets stop.
Stop, there will be a way,

Last chance, last try maybe
When I want you to hold me and you stand mannequin
Esque hands at your sides
When my body feels untouched and I really just want you to look
I’ll … I’ll go and shower and take that vanilla cream you like out and
Rub myself seductively, just, in your line of sight until you….
Or if you don’t I’ll put on my pyjama’s , those comfy fuzzy ones,
And I’ll sleep sweetly next to you, resenting your breath until you wake up one night with a pillow over your face and I’ll

Wait, that’s not right I
Just get myself tangled up sometimes and
I cant see which side I am on with these

So maybe,
Maybe we should just


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