Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Into your hair, we sing

We hold you up
On our broken legs
Glass shards in our feet,
But it is your breath that is failing this time.

We hold you up
Take your heart out of your chest
Put it on the roof for the sun to strengthen

We take each of your fingers
Kiss them gently, take off your hands.
We put them in a tree nest, so they can sleep
So they can stop their frantic tangling and rest.
Remember their writing, the hands they have held
And the banners.

We dip your feet into a bowl of salt water
They are bloodcaked from glass shards and thorns,
From your own blood and the blood your carry in your mouth
Below and above and around you

Into your hair we sing the sea and
Some flying fish
Some sunken stones,
Our broken voices just able to curl round your face
To take some of the weight,

Just for today

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