Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The way you love

I love the way you love
Have loved
Love now in the past

The way you coat your pain in magic
The way you sew
Star clothes

And the way you won't let death go black

I want to hold your heart while you speak

I hear your voice
Untangling itself into strands of colour in my head
Yellow pain
Purple clouds into in and
The yellow is now stars

I don't know if you know how finely your face reads
Joy, pain, loss, magic
Flow across your face like

I wonder if everyone sees these seasons?

I want to hold your heart
Not contain but just
Feel in my hands for a few seconds
Just for you to feel held for a few seconds

Just to say to you
That you are held

I never see you alone
I never see you lonely

In my head you are a wizard
Magician and
At the same time grass
Flowing, spreading,
Mushroom like

And never alone

But there are some moments
Where I get a sense of what your chest tree might hold

And I would like to hold your heart

(or lie naked with you
With a pen
Drawing nudibranchs in your
Chest tree)

And kiss you
And say I love how you love

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