Monday, 7 November 2016

When you fly

I sit across the table from you
Stylish behind your sunglasses
Slow tears sneaking down your cheeks

How you melt,
From belly laughs into small weeping
How you are so beautiful in both.

I want to carve a stone for you.
It will say:

You are everything.
You deserve this.
You are fire.


I want the stone to have a small door
For you to open, and hide in
When you are exhausted
When you have the world pulling on every appendage

Climbing up your tears, even,
Into your eyes to pick through your mind
Pulling out diamonds and rushing out with them
To show them in the sun

I want the stone to be temperature flexible.
To be warm, in your chest, when your fear is cold
To be cool when your anger is burning

I want the stone to speak your languages
So no one else can claim it, or you
It will be your secret,
Just to whisper to you

You are everything.
You deserve rest.
You deserve space.
You deserve a holding where you do not have to brace
You deserve lightness
You deserve gentle dark
You deserve softness where you do not have to think who to thank
You deserve to explore without having to hold.
You deserve love without having to speak.
You deserve wings where you do not have to worry what will happen to the ground when you fly.

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